Dirty Areas on Carpets

Dirty Carpet Areas: Look Out For These Spots.

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Dirty Carpet Carpet Cleaning Pros Avondale

No one likes dirty carpet. Carpets accumulate dirt easily because you track soil and dirt from outside every time you step on your carpet, but you may have notice carpets gets dirty also around the corner where nobody walks on. Also, they sometimes tend to have black marks along the walls and corner of the room. Why do these areas get dirty?

At the edges

The cause of black edges of your carpet is called filtration soiling. When contaminates flow through the windows or ventilation, they are blown to different areas in your home and carpets act as a filter. Consequently, they gather all the dirt from the air and they tend to form around the edge of the carpet. This is because the places do not have sufficient air flow. The most common house contaminants that contribute greatly to filtration are candles, fireplace ashes, cigarette dust and cooking oil.

Around the dining table

Carpets also tend to be dirty around the dining table. People might spill food on carpets while eating, especially small kids. Though the food particles will be picked up and cleaned using the vacuum cleaner, some tiny particles will remain, and will cause germs and bacteria to form. If you happen to happen to sit or walk barefooted on your dirty carpet, these bacteria can get into your system through ingestion or if you have an injury or cuts.

Under or around the furniture

Not every time you will move your furniture to vacuum your dirty carpet. Kids and pets like playing and hiding thins under your furniture. Sometimes even food particles can hide there. Why do these make carpets dirty? If they are food particles, they will obviously break down on your carpet fiber causing bacteria. In addition, if your carpet has pests, they will feed on the particles. It’s recommended that you move furniture often and vacuum the area.

Under the carpets

This is the place where after your carpet filter all the dirt from the air. All the dirt really hides under there. No vacuum cleaner can remove the dirt from under your carpet. Soil and food particles that cannot be removed by vacuum cleaners creates good habitat for dust mites and other parasites.

Cleaning your carpet is important.  consider calling professional carpet cleaning services after every six months to help with the dust mite and parasites that cannot be removed by a vacuum cleaner. When cleaning, you can checking the edges and under furniture because they tend to be dirtier than other places.

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